HeyCOVID19 by LetsStopAIDS

COVID-19 is affecting communities globally at different cycles and waves. We are a Canadian charity making information about COVID-19 accessible to everyone in multiple languages. Our creative content is based on information provided by the World Health Organization (WHO) and supports the call to action by the United Nations for such information to reach everywhere.

So, please share these multilingual images using a social media platform of your choice and help the world stay safe.

HeyCOVID19 2020 Messages
These contents are Archived. Content may not be up-to-date. Visit WHO for latest updates.

LetsStopAIDS is Canada's Youth-HIV charity, that inspires youth to take action, relating to HIV, within local communities. This website and its multilingual content was developed in 6 days by 65 volunteers from 13 countries (with $0).

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Please note: Information surrounding COVID-19 is constantly evolving. Please check with your local health authority and the WHO for up-to-date advice.