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COVID-19 ki afekte kominote globalman nan moman ak fos diferan. Nou se yon charite Kanadyen ki fe enfomasyon sou COVID-19 aksesib a tout moun nan lang miltip. Se kontni kreyatif nou an ki baze sou enfomasyon ki ofri nan Oganizasyon Mondyal lasante (ki) ak sipote apel la nan aksyon pa nasyon zini yo pou enfomasyon sa yo rive jwenn tout kote.

Se konsa, tanpri pataje imaj pale plizye lang sa yo le li sevi avek yon platfom medya sosyal nan chwa ou yo ak ede mond lan rete an sekirite.

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HeyCOVID19 2020 Messages
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LetsStopAIDS is Canada's Youth-HIV charity, that inspires youth to take action, relating to HIV, within local communities. This website and its multilingual content was developed in 6 days by 65 volunteers from 13 countries (with $0).

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Please note: Information surrounding COVID-19 is constantly evolving. Please check with your local health authority and the WHO for up-to-date advice.