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COVID-19 akyusiza ensi yonna mu ngeri nnyingi ate ez’enjawulo. Ffe ekitongole eky’obwanakyewa tusazeewo okuweereza obubaka ku COVID-19 mu nnimi ez’enjawulo eri buli omu. Obubaka buno tubujje mu kitongole eky’ensi yonna ku by’obulamu ekya World Health Organisation (WHO) nga buddamu okusabibwa kw’ekitongole ky’amawanga amagatte okulaba nga obubaka buno butuuka buli wamu.

N’olwekyo, tukusaba n’obuwombeefu, osaasanye obubaka buno ng’okozesa emikutu gimuyunga bantu egy’enjawulo.

HeyCOVID19 2020 Messages

LetsStopAIDS is Canada's Youth-HIV charity, that inspires youth to take action, relating to HIV, within local communities. This website and its multilingual content was developed in 6 days by 65 volunteers from 13 countries (with $0).

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Please note: Information surrounding COVID-19 is constantly evolving. Please check with your local health authority and the WHO for up-to-date advice.